A more accurate name

This object can do everything that you can imagine. It can browse the Internet, take great photographs and panoramas, record video and audio, you can check your email or what your friends are saying on their favorite social networks. This device can do everything! Ah, and also can make phone calls. The Smart Phone!

The reason we call it a phone it’s because it’s the only way to market without bewildering consumers. Calling it a phone or smart phone is misleading and outdated. It is the time to find a better name for the device, a name that is more accurate and especially marketable.

The name that I propose is the PocketBook.


The Poor Mans git hosting

This is a quick tip for all developers out there that want free private git hosting. You will need Dropbox (Referral link) or Google Drive. For the purpose of this example, we will use Dropbox.

Step 1

Initialize git in your project and we will add and commit all your files.

~/ $ cd your-project
~/your-project $ git init
~/your-project $ git add .
~/your-project $ git commit -m "first commit"

Step 2

Change directory to dropbox. Create a directory named git if you don’t have one already:

~/your-project $ cd ~/Dropbox/
~/Dropbox/ $ mkdir git
~/Dropbox/ $ cd git

Step 3

Initialize a bare git named your-project.git and change directory back to your project.

~/Dropbox/git $ git init --bare your-project.git
~/Dropbox/git $ cd ~/your-project

Step 4

Add the drop remote to your project. Instead of using the standard remote name of origin, use dropbox. This way it ensures if you ever want to add a second remote location, you can still name it origin.

~/your-project $ git remote add dropbox ~/Dropbox/git/your-project.git
~/your-project $ git push -u dropbox master

Once the remote is set, we push the previously committed changes. And that is all, now your git repo will be in the cloud as a backup and for free.

For Google Drive, the steps to follow are the same, except of using the Dropbox folder, you will use the Google Drive folder. The Google Drive sync app needs to be installed and downloaded.

A Young Mind

A young mind is eager to try new experiences. A young mind doesn’t worry about tomorrow. A young mind is not afraid of failure. Old minds gain experience, knowledge and doubt. Old minds question every step on the way, worrying that something may go wrong. Old minds like to play it safe, young minds take risks.

We need to be young at minds with the old in it. Life is only one and you need to believe in the experience that your mind has acquired.

iOS7 and the Future of Consumer Electronics

Apple revamped the look and feel of their next iOS. At first instance, we all felt disgusted of how bad and “half-ass” the interface looks; “there was no attention to detail”, “they are doing flat design to just be hip”. All these feelings were expressed as this was a cold bucket of water to the head to every Apple consumer that were accustomed to the current iOS design. The is a drastic change barely no legacy design being rolled over to this new style, Apple is moving away from their skeuomorphic designs and adopting Flat Design. Whether is popular, loved or not, Apple made a conscious and well-thought decision to move into this direction.

It’s hard to understand their rationale at this moment but letting the design and thought sink in I can see that this is a well calculated step forward by Apple. For the first time, the new design direction ties their hardware design with their software design. This is when Sir Jon Ivey contribution comes in.

Apple is thinking bigger with iOS, I can foresee that their roadmap won’t be solely staying within the phone and mobile realm, they are aiming to expand to outside the small screen, they are designing their software to connect with the rest of the consumer electronics.

Reaching consumer electronics is where flat design comes in. Creating a rather generic looking UI, Apple is facilitating the unification of non Apple hardware. It’s crucial when we see Apple powering the dashboard of cars, later we will see the powering of companion hardware and in the near future powering the most important aspect: Smart Houses.

Smart Houses is the future of our living. Soon, everyone will be able to control every single aspect of their household from the comfort of their phone, anywhere in the World the homeowner is. This phase is already happening, we have seen this become a reality with project like SmartThings. The talk on the topic has increased, and I believe Apple knows this is the future of consumer electronics, the next tech revolution. The power of their design is in the context that it will be used. They are optimistic that this is the future that we will live and they setting the foundation for it.

Free Idea for an App

This may well be a series, in its own category but for now let’s see how this works.

To come up with an idea for an app or tool, you first need to have a problem in order to create a tool to deal with it. A lot of the apps in mind, I don’t have the capacity or resources to do myself. With that said, I have a free App idea for anyone that wants to take up the challenge:

Quick App Toolbar Launcher: The idea is simple, have the app run on your toolbar. This toolbar app will provide you with a list of active projects that you are working on. You assign the following parameters and what each parameter will do:

  • Project Name – This will be for reference of the user to know what to open.
  • Project ‘project’ file – This will be the project file for the text editor or IDE of choice. This will be used to open the corresponding software.
  • Filepath – This will open the folder in Finder.
  • Extra commands or apps – This can be to open Terminal and run a user defined command or apps like CodeKit. That’s all what the app is, an utility to quickly launch a user specified list of projects. If this already exists, please point me to it! I will give them my money!

Black Mirror

Most probably you haven’t heard of Black Mirror unless you live in the U.K. or haven’t found discussions of the show online. Black Mirror is a show created by Charlie Brooker. The show focuses on the dark side of technology and social media.

They address the power of the public opinion on social media, the way gamingfication changes your moral ground, or what can be done when you overshare online. It also gives you their vision of the future in some of the episodes.

The Season 1 Finale gives you the story of possible future iterations of the Google Glass.

The plot of every episode will stick on your head for days, you will see on first hand some of the subplots on first hand.

I highly recommend this show when it’s available on U.S. television.

A Big Thank You To The Open Source Community

We take for granted the Open Source community, we forget how great it has been to every developer, from the teenager putting their website together while learning, to the seasoned developer. The Open Source Community has helped many people to learn and launch their products.

I want to say Thank You. This is a Thank You to the whole community, to everyone that participates in Open Source projects. Thank you for not being shy and letting everyone see and critique your code. Thank you for having the mindset of contributing. Thank you for not forcing a fee to use the work that you spent nights writing. Today’s best products started from an Open Source project and they still use some Open Source components. Thanks to Open Source the state of web technologies are as advanced as it is today.