Writing Once Again

Once again, I will publish what I write. I will rewrite them, I will add and I will remove text. My intent is to be candid, to be myself with my writing.

I have written over 50 drafts on Day One that now, I will prepare them for the intention to be published. I will put aside my insecurity and share with the world my thoughts and muses.

My grammar is not perfect but I will work on it. I intend to become a better writer.

I wanted to publish my articles to github, give anyone the ability to correct my grammar or correct any facts that I will have wrong. But I decided publishing on Medium. Everyone is using it. I may still create a repo for all my published and soon-to-be published articles.

I like to write about anything that sparks my curiosity, anything that stays in my mind. My writing likes to be brief and to the point. I look forward to more writing from me


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