My Last 6 Months

I had an eventful 2014. A year of learning, self discovery and big changes.

I ended my tenure at AgencyTEN. Most of my career growth happened here. I had the opportunity to work on great projects with great individuals. I met many great people there that I’m happy to call them friends.

After my departure, I explored the world of freelancing. It was a satisfying experience. I wore many hats, worked on quick turn around projects and continued growing professionally.

Earlier 2014, I joined FromSomebodyElse with Bryant and Justen (two ex-colleagues from AgencyNet). It was a fun and enlightening experience working with them. I took an example of their work ethic that motivated me to do my best. I loved the work I did with them working with them. My favorite work produced with them is the site for Balloon Agency.

I started applying for jobs Worldwide. From Thailand to Netherlands, the World was the limit at to where I would work next. My first stop was Austin, TX.

Austin was a great chapter. My goal in Austin was to move and find a new full-time job. I went to job interviews, met smart individuals and had a great time in such fun city.

I had the space and time to self-reflect and have a better picture of what should be next for me.

I had the opportunity to interview for a position at Amazon. The interview process was a one of a kind for me, to say the least. I came prepared, but not prepared enough. I had the opportunity to talk about my work to a group of smart individuals that had the right questions.

I determined that Seattle was the place to start a new life. There was not a job in place, but we decided that it was best for us. We drove across the United States.

Our trip started in West Palm Beach. Our first stop was New Orleans. We stayed at a haunted hostel, we enjoyed local food and got a good vibe of NOLA. Our next stop was Austin, TX. We stayed there for 5 days, enjoyed the Texas BBQ and the great city that is Austin. Along our journey, we went through various national parks, each withs unique beauty.

Our next stop was Taos New Mexico. We visited the Native American town of Taos, a rather unique and beautiful place. Our next stop was the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We did a 5-hour hike down to Canyon. At night we enjoyed the breathtaking view of the skies Milky Way. Next we visited Las Vegas Nevada and stopped by the Hoover Dam along the way. We walked the Vegas strip, gambled and got front row seats for Cirque Du Soleil “O”.

Our road out from Las Vegas to California, we took the Death Valley road. We made it to the Sequoia Forest. We made a stop at some friends home in Fresno. Our next destination was San Francisco and Sacramento. After Sacramento, we made a straight shot to our destination.

Along our trip, I got a job offer to work at [redacted]. I’ve been putting my skills into practice and continue to grow professionally.

Seattle is a beautiful city, we are happy to be here. The vibe here is great, we don’t mind the rain but I mind the lower temperatures. We enjoy our hikes, the restaurants and just the vibe of the city. I make Pike Place Market part of my commute. We are setting roots in Seattle and we look for a prosper future here.


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