Free Idea for an App

This may well be a series, in its own category but for now let’s see how this works.

To come up with an idea for an app or tool, you first need to have a problem in order to create a tool to deal with it. A lot of the apps in mind, I don’t have the capacity or resources to do myself. With that said, I have a free App idea for anyone that wants to take up the challenge:

Quick App Toolbar Launcher: The idea is simple, have the app run on your toolbar. This toolbar app will provide you with a list of active projects that you are working on. You assign the following parameters and what each parameter will do:

  • Project Name – This will be for reference of the user to know what to open.
  • Project ‘project’ file – This will be the project file for the text editor or IDE of choice. This will be used to open the corresponding software.
  • Filepath – This will open the folder in Finder.
  • Extra commands or apps – This can be to open Terminal and run a user defined command or apps like CodeKit. That’s all what the app is, an utility to quickly launch a user specified list of projects. If this already exists, please point me to it! I will give them my money!

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