Digital Agencies as Sports Leagues

This is an idea (and somewhat a metaphor) that I’ve had for a bit. **The writing is a bit unpolished but the idea is still there.*

Imagine that a group of digital agency shop owners get together and form the National Digital Agency Association (NDAA). Agencies draft or scout the best talent from the World to join the league and their team.

The Agency builds their team as they need. One agency can have the best programmers but not the best designers or vice versa, and winning certain business. The agency with the best talents overall, wins the most businesses.

The talents (designer, programmer or producer) progress and achievements are kept as individual stats that will provide value to the talent. At the end of the “season” (year), the league grants achievements for the top performers or different categories. The talent receives a trophy, a bonus and the respect and recognition. Talents will be treated as Superstars.

When the talents contract is up, they enter “free agency”. The talent be picked up by another agency to become part of their team. The talent can negotiate based on their talents and achievements.

Trades are a crucial element of the league. An agency is willing to give away one of their top designers (top scorers) for a better programmer (top defender) based on what they will need.

“The games” can be products or digital advertising campaigns.

The metaphor is not entirely innovative but I believe having a league that has the best of the best, and they are not tied to a single agency unless they want to is not a bad approach to modern product development. Obviously, the quality of work produced will be the best produced.


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