Farewell to Facebook

After many years on Facebook, I decided to leave. I should’ve done it sooner. Facebook has become of no value to me.

The content on the network was not of my interest. People would gossip about what others would post, be judged by the ‘Likes’ you performed and your opinion losing its meaning along the way. Basically my ‘Friends’ were not providing content that I can relate to participate. Probably you’re saying that I need better friends, but I will disagree on that. My theory is that most users are also tired of Facebook and lack the motivation to provide content that is relatable to me.

I appreciate the effort by Facebook to tighten up their privacy settings. For the last 2 months, I was able to provide a great level of privacy to my profile. What I don’t appreciate from Facebook is their ads. They display an obscene amount of ads to users that it makes it look worse than MySpace on their old days. Lastly, I feel uneasy that their true worth is on my data. Sure, I appreciate transparency, but I don’t appreciate making a profit on what I decide to publish that makes my persona.

Nowadays I spend my time on my News Reader, Google+ Reddit (on a very selective homepage), Quora and Twitter. If you ever want to add me as a friend on any of the networks mentioned, please do so!


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