Make writing everyday an habit.

Reading this right now, you may not believe me that I write almost everyday or probably, you won’t follow my advice. But trust me on this one, this is something that I would like more people to do.

Make a habit of writing every day. We always have thoughts in our minds that need to be released from our minds and into a piece or paper or kilobyte. Writing it down, it may clear the pathways to expand on the single thought and then on the many thoughts that are in your mind.

Another great subject to write about is your day. Your day may seem hectic, full of stress, but when you remember your day and write it down, you see the greatness between all the chaos.

Where to write


There is nothing wrong with having many Moleskines, but be sure to have a pocket-size, flexible Moleskine always with you. Have another hardcover Moleskine on your desk.

Day One
Day One is a beautifully designed Journal app for Mac and iOS. You can set it up to remind you to write and it can live in your toolbar, always accessible for when you have something to write. It syncs with iCloud or Dropbox so you have all your entries in all of your devices. My personal use for Day One is for more complete thoughts.

ByWord is a simple writing app for Mac and iOS. It’s a basic text and Markdown writing app. I use ByWord for single thoughts. Simple thoughts usually are the best fire starters.

Personally, I have a lot of half-baked thoughts that are not worthy of sharing in this blog, but blogging is a great way of sharing your writing, if you want to share what’s on your mind without weighting in all the possible critical judgement.

When To Write

Write whenever you can write. At the middle of work, at lunch, at the train, before you go to bed, or right after you wake up. Don’t create invisible constraints on when to write, because you won’t be able to write anything. It has to happen freely and unforced.

Reading your writing in the future will open doors that haven’t been opened in a long time. Open doors to your mind and thoughts, for others or for yourself to take a look into. This may help you to understand yourself and what you may have become.

Just remember, those who write, are the ones that people remember, you should be motivated to do the same.


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