3D Printing Is Here To Stay

One of the most revolutionary inventions of humanity, has been the printing press by Guttenberg. It helped with the ease of sharing and distributing information.
Society has always been grateful by the concept of printing. Having the ability for the masses to read publications, books, or to just print your own copy of information.

The concept of 3D printing is nothing new, it has been in the manufacturing industry, what’s revolutionary is that is becoming affordable for consumer to own a 3D printer. Making it affordable increases the chance of people getting their hands on one, printing whatever they want and making the most out of it. Another factor for making 3D printing big is the Open Source factor.

There will be a 3D Printing Revolution. 3D Printing will change the World. We will be able to see our consumer machinery and everyday appliances be Open Source. The community will help each other to improve the product. Imagine a github, but for objects. Imagine that a patient needs a new piece of the bone, modeled from an existing bone, printed in a strong and durable material that your body won’t reject and surgically put back to the patient. Imagine open source cars, trucks, motorcycles, door knobs, iPhone cases and even Nano printing.

Some of the factors that will slow down progress of 3D printing are copyright infringement, printing of government controlled devices and lose of profits by companies, when they figure out that people are making their own machines to fit their needs.

Let’s not worry about those factors that can slow innovation, we have to be excited about the prospect of 3D printing, when it reach the right hands, to the people with the idea of changing the World, that is something to be excited about.


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