Tools for your Digital toolbox

There are many tools available to make our work more streamlined, and everyone uses them based on their needs. Thought I shared my workflow and some other tools that help me have a better work “enviro” (environment).

Flux (Free)
Flux is a small that adjust the color temperature of your screen. It is helpful for your eyes when you are working long hours.

Alfred (with the Powerpack) ($23.97)
Alfred is the quick launcher that OS X was missing. Alfred exactly what I need. You can also use Alfred to search something the web, use it as a calculator or install many other extensions. I highly recommend getting the Powerpack. One of my favorite features is the view Clipboard History/Snippet viewer.

TotalFinder ($18.00)
TotalFinder brings tabs to the Mac OS Finder, which helps reduce the clutter. The visor feature is extremely helpful when you’re working on a project and want to access your Finder window in a discreet way.

ColorSnapper ($4.99)
ColorSnapper comes in handy when I’m assembling CSS layouts. Instead of opening Photoshop and picking the colors, ColorSnapper helps me with this task.

Codebox ($9.99)
CodeBox is a code snippet manager. useful when you need something quick and don’t want to spend 5 minutes looking for it again on Google.

Divvy ($14)
Divvy does the dirty work of keeping your windows tidy up and nicely aligned.

Isolator (Free)
When you are working in parallel across various applications, Isolator blacks out all the inactive apps and just lets you focus on your on the app you want

Day One ($9.99)
Day One is a nicely designed journal app for Mac OS X. When you have something in mind that is worthy of writing down, Day One makes it easy to do so.

my main use for cover Sutra this Ford global keyboard shortcuts for iTunes.

Moleskine (Varies)
It’s always nice to have a tangible place to keep your thoughts. Moleskines are the perfect notepads to store all your muses. They come in different styles and sizes, find the one that fits your style. I personally, been adopting the more compact, easy to travel size ones. I keep a big Moleskine on my desk for when I need clear thought on what’s in mind.


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