Finishing What You Start

Finishing what you start seems simpler said than done. At least for me. Having at least 15 drafts, struggling to finish personal projects and almost completing the assembly of a 3D Printer have been a few of my unfinished businesses.

This is something that I would normally not share, but I feel that I’m not the only one that suffers from this lost of momentum to put the finishing touches to a piece of work.

If you take into perspective, you have done all the hard stuff. You have built it in a strong foundation, your core idea is there, almost everything is in place, except those little details. Those 5 pixels of padding missing, the smoothness of two graphics, the skipped frames that JavaScript ignored, the timing belt that unexpectedly stretched and your X-axis doesn’t move properly.

All those things are minor things, if you see them as big tasks, you will never get done. Make a to-do of all the small things that still need should be completed and your main goal is to check all your list off.

Sure, I will look back into this post and I may think of adding more lines of insight… or I may not, but I wanted to feel accomplished and not stack one more Draft post.


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