My Networks and Publish Platforms


You might know me from just Twitter or just from Facebook, you may have no idea in what other networks I’m part of, and that I didn’t even remember I was part of. Here is a list of where you could find me.

Twitter: @omar12
Facebook: Omar12

Pinterest: Omar12
The Fancy: Omar12
Soundcloud: Omar12

Delicious: ommorpheus
Reddit: omar12
IMGame: Omar12

Publish Platforms started as an inside joke within friends, when in conversations, I would know a little bit of everything and drop knowledge about any subject, a friend of mine called Patricia suggested that I should have a AskOmar website that people would submit questions. The idea was hilarious, so I bought the domain and the first version of it was a question field that would send me an email.. I only got 2 questions… from Patricia. After the slight failure, I evolved into a blog. After a few posts and lack of consistency in posting, I started uploading my mixes and using AskOmar to publish them:


Tumblogs are quick and easy to get them running. I usually get a topic in mind to talk about and create a Tumblr blog about it.

Rumors On The Internets
A Clockwork Homage
Tune That I Like Today
There Is A Tumblr For Everything
Where is The Hoverboard

Note that not all of my Tumblrs are here.


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