Make Your Chrome Starting Page Better

The Google Chrome browser is the primary browser of mine. Though I love most of it, I had a problem with its starting page. After stumbling on this Lifehacker post, I discovered Speed Dial 2. After less of an hour of being installed, I know this was the starting page that I wanted. I want to share some tips of how I use it.


I tried to keep my grouping smart, based on how I mainly use the browser. My groups are the following:

  • Home – It contains the links to websites that I visit daily. (Reddit, twitter, tumblr, feedly, gmail)
  • Reddit – This group is all reddit. It has grouped subreddit links. What this does is that it creates a single page to all the subreddits that the url string has. Using this you can categorize your subreddits. The following link is my “Technology” category:…
    Here are my reddit other subreddit groups:

  • Web Development – This tab includes reference websites that I use daily. Some of these websites are:
  • Local – Contains links to my local projects
  • Mine – Contains links to my blogs and personal links

To further enhance my starting page, I enabled my delicious bookmarks to show on the sidebar.

This is it. Hopefully this gives you a better idea on how you should customize your starting page to fit your needs.


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